7 Best Celebrity Fragrances for Women

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7 Best Celebrity Perfumes for Women

Have you also noticed the trend lately that how every other day, celebrities are launching multiple fragrances in the market. It used to be that fragrance brands belonged to just a few great names, but nowadays, if you are a celebrity, you have to have a fragrance.

But I must admit, as much as I was adamant on not buying any of the celebrity fragrances in the past, I have since come to terms with buying some of them, and actually liking them. Here is the list of my7 best celebrity fragrances for women.

1. Can Can by Paris Hilton

Can Can by Paris Hilton is Paris Hilton’s fourth fragrance for women. This fragrnace is inspired by the film Moulin Rouge dancers. This fragrance is soft blend of cassis, clementine flower, wild orchid, nectarine, musk, orange blossom, woods, amber.

The fragrance is floral-fruity, oriental, and very sensual. It opens with clementine blossom, black currant and nectarine. The heart unites wild orchid and orange blossom, while the base brings soft musk, amber and precious woods. Once Can Can settles after the sweet top notes of fruits and vanilla cake, it becomes powdery and warmer. It has great lasting power.

2. Madonna’s Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare by Madonna is her new seductive blend, that she created in memory of her mother. She wanted to create something classical and timeless yet modern. The fragrance is an intoxicating mixture of feminine and mysterious, created by composition of white flowers on an intensive gourmand background.

It is both a light and dark, with the notes of gardenia, creamy tuberose and neroli. Madonna says that she always smelt tuberose and gardenias on her mother and after adding a few scents of vanilla and musk, this enchanting perfume was born. The fragrance comes in two packs – 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum

3. Katy Perry’s Purr

Katy Perry Purr is one of a unique and unusual fragrances that comes in a bottle that is in the shape of a cat wearing a collar and eyes like jewels.

The fragrance is a unique combination of peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo with the heart of jasmine, pink freesia and bulgarian rose with the base of vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk.

This versatile, feminine perfume is a delicious combination of fruits and flowers that is long lasting without being overly powerful.

4. Rihanna Reb’l Fleur


The name Reb’l Fleur, created by Rihanna, comes from “Rebel Flower”, a nickname given to Rihanna by her grandmother. This exotic and sensual fragrance is a sexy combination of coconut, amber, patchouli, musk and the hawaiian hibiscus flower.

Reminding one of an Island life, an intoxicating yet subtle scent gives the sensation of mossy woody notes softened by musk and vanilla. Perfect fragrance to wear on special occasions.

5. Intimately Beckham by David Beckham

A classy, sensual, yet soft fragrance, just the right mix of floral notes of rose, bergamot, lily, tuberose and neroli. This long lasting fragrance is perfect for casual day, night or even perrfect to wear at work.

Created by David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, this elegant, subtle, light captivating scent lasts long and can be used daily without breaking the bank. If like me, you do not like overpowering and strong scents, you will fall in love with Intimately Beckham.

6. Eva Longoria’s EVAmour

This is Eva Longoria’s second fragrance after her debut fragrance Eva. It is said to be more sultry, sensual and deeper than the first one.

Based on juicy notes of bergamot, tiger lily, amber, rose, apple and redcurrant, it’s overall accent is fruity floral. One of the romantic and seductive fragrances, it is great for special occasions when you wish to make a bodler statement with fruity, musky and floral character.

7. Beyonce’s Pulse for Women

Beyonce’s Pulse Summer Edition is the new version of original fragrance Pulse that was intended to be launched in summer. The idea behind this scent was to represent the independent, strong, powerful yet sensual woman who can be up for any challenge.

Its composition is floral and fruity with fresh sparkling top notes and creamy base. The top notes include icy mandarin, pear and pink pepper, the heart is exotic and floral, featuring ginger orchid, jasmine and orange blossom.

The creamy base is composed of sapphire woods, musk and benzoin. The scent has been described as fresh, playful, optimistic and upbeat summer fragrance and is perfect to wear during day as well as night time.

There are bound to be plenty more new celebrity fragrances for women this year, but maybe there’s one in this list all set to become your favorite. Which of these celebrity fragrances do you think you’ll like best, and why? Or is there another celeb scent you’re looking forward to more? Do tell!


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