7 Natural Beauty Remedies At Home

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You might be surprised to find that beauty remedies at home right in your kitchen cabinet may hold the valuable treasures in form of beauty fixes.

7 Natural Beauty Remedies At Home

Some of these are so effective that you don’t have to go buy those expensive products from the store.

I love kitchen beauty fixes because they are so versatile, not so expensive, extremely easy to use and you can use them in variety of recipes, just not for cooking, of course!

7 natural beauty remedies at home

Here I am going to share some natural beauty remedies at home that you can find right in your kitchen. They are extremely easy to use and apply.

1. Olive Oil

As much olive oil offers the health benefits, it is equally great as one of the versatile beauty fixes in your kitchen. It is great for dry skin, just slathering it on every part of your body does the wonders. You will end up with baby smooth skin.

If you have dry or damaged hair, you can use it as a conditioner in the shower, or after drying your hair, you can massage a few drops in your palms and scrunch a bit of it to the ends, as it is great for split ends. It is also great to use after you have exfoliated. Just add a few drops of lavender oil, or whatever fragrance you prefer, Just use it after you have exfoliated your skin.

2. Eggs

Eggs are not only just good and nutritious to eat, they are also a great and inexpensive beauty fix. Eggs contain proteins that firm and tight skin as well as helping to reduces the appearance of pores. Spread egg whites over your face for a brightening, firming mask.

You can also use eggs as a natural shampoo. There are several different ways to do this. You can either mix the egg in with something else, like a bit of honey or 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, or you can just use the blended egg on its own.

3. White Sugar

Thinking of buying an exfoliating mask for your skin? Check out your kitchen cabinet or counter top again. If you see white sugar on your counter top, you don’t need to rush to the store to buy that expensive exfoliator. White sugar is one of the best beauty fixes in your kitchen that is ideal for exfoliation.

Sugar scrubs are delightful, whether you use them on your skin or your lips. Make artists and authors advice to keep a jar of it in your shower, taking a handful and gently massaging your entire body with it, using a soft washcloth. After you rinse, the sugar crystals simply melt away. You can even mix it with your body wash.

4. Honey

Honey is not only a sweet treat, but also a fantastic beauty fix in your kitchen. It works wonders for hair and skin. This all natural substance helps keep skin hydrated and moisturized, plus it’s both an anti fungal agent and an antiseptic. If you have acne, random pimples, or blemishes, a blot of honey helps immensely.

It’s also an amazing mask for your hair when mixed with conditioner. It makes the hair shiny, healthy, and keeps them hydrated. Just make sure the mixture is more conditioner than honey, so it won’t goo up your hair. You can also cover your lips with a bit before you go to sleep – you will be surprised to see your pout and the softness of your lips.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

In addition to sugar, apple cider vinegar is another great exfoliant that helps your skin stay healthier and smoother. It is much better than any expensive chemical peels you get in the stores.

You just have to soak a cotton ball or pad and dab vinegar all over your face. Make sure to keep it away from your eyes. Put this mixture on your face for 30 to 45 minutes. Then rinse and apply some olive oil to soothe your skin. Compare that to expensive beauty products you find at your local stores.

6. Salt

I had no idea that salt was another great exfoliator till one of my friends mentioned this. Just like other beauty fixes found in the kitchen, salt is also another versatile beauty fix you can find in your kitchen. It is great exfoliator when used just like sugar.

It is much better to use sea salt rather than ordinary table salt. It is great for dry skin. Make sure to moisturize after you exfoliate with sea salt. If you experience facial blemishes, you can mix it with honey. Apply this paste like mask to troubled areas. Although it stings but works wonders. It wil help in reducing many skin problems you may be facing on your face.

7. Coffee

Since we are on the topic of exfoliating, let’s list another great beauty fix that can be found easily in your kitchen and is fantastic exfoliator. Yes, I am talking about coffee. You just have to use it like salt or sugar, in the form of grounds on your skin.

Use it on your skin before jumping in the shower. You can mix the grounds with your face wash, and watch your skin getting rejuvenated. When it is brewed and rinsed in your hair, it brings out gorgeous highlights in your hair. You will love the after effects if you have brunette, darker blond or auburn colored hair. Try mixing it with your conditioner and rinse your hair in the shower.

There are so many other fabulous natural beauty remedies at home right in your kitchen like tea bag, turmeric, avocado, cucumber, baking soda, cinnamon etc that you will be surprised to find the benefits that offer to your beauty routine.

Feel free to share your beauty fixes that you found in your kitchen and are still in awe!

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