7 Secrets to Fix Even the Worst Bad Hair Day

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We all have bad hair days. They’re inevitable. You futz tirelessly with your tresses, trying to tame unruly locks while begging it to cooperate. Fortunately, there is hope for your hair.

7 Secrets to Fix Even the Worst Bad Hair Day

Consider these seven simple fixes for even the worst bad hair day.

Dry Shampoo

If your hair has lost its “oomph” and you’re looking for something to combat flat, dull hair, opt for a dry shampoo. These simple, easy-to-use shower-shampoo alternatives give a boost of volume while alleviating the appearance of oil and residue.

Most come equipped with a pleasant smell, giving you a quick boost with a clean feeling that lasts all day. Keep a small bottle in your bag for mid-day touch-ups and volume boosts.

Curl to Disguise Cowlick

If you prefer to wash your hair at night, you’ve likely experienced mornings where you realize your hair has dried in an unruly manner. Curling and texturizing with the use of hair putty or texturizer can add depth to your hair while disguising unsightly bends.

Opt for a New Part

Sometimes, changing up your hair part can make a world of a difference. It may be easier to let your hair fall where it wants and styling accordingly. This can be made easier with hair accessories and spray.


The Pony-tail – easiest, carefree hairstyle there is. There’s a reason they never go out of style. This quick hairstyle conceals even the most difficult-to-tame tresses and can be dressed up or down.

Accessories and Bobby Pins

Hair accessories can camouflage bad hair days. A headband can keep bangs out of your face while complementing an outfit, and, similarly, bobby pins can secure any fly-aways. You could also opt for another quick fix using a hair accessory like a Brazilian hair weave.


If your hair is long enough to braid, you’re in luck! A small, French-braid keeps hair out of your face and looks instantly polished.


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