9 Amazing Foods That Reduce Hair Loss

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9 Amazing Foods That Reduce Hair Loss

It’s time to address the issue that’s on everyone’s lips. Hair loss. Post pregnancy hair loss. It’s pretty common in a lot of new moms and is usually caused by fluxes in hormone and nutrient levels.

What’s more, it can be embarrassing if it gets out of hand. Some of us ‘lucky’ ladies suffer from such severe hair loss that we end up with bald patches or extremely thin hair.

But, I’m here to tell you the good news. There are solutions to our problem. In fact, these particular solutions are wholly natural and organic.

By using certain foods (orally or externally) you can boost not only your amount of hair growth, but it’s sheen as well. So, to go from drab to fab, from hairless to hair-happy in a month, check out these 9 foods that not only reduce hair loss but also strengthen your hair.


People have been using yoghurt to stimulate hair growth for ages. It’s rich in all the nutrients your scalp and hair need to increase luster and body. Simply slather it onto your locks and massage it in once every two weeks. Leave it on for about 10- 20 minutes before washing your hair.


Avocado is not only great to eat, but great to use on your hair too. It’s rich in the vitamins your hair needs to prevent or recover from hair loss. Smash some of the good stuff in a bowl and apply from root to tip. Wash it out about 20 minutes later for the best results.


Sure, it’s not the nicest smelling conditioner around, but boy does it work! Eggs are known for increasing the sheen of your hair and adding some body to it. Simply massage it into your scalp for 45 minutes. If you’re not so keen on the smell of it, try beating a few drops of lemon juice into the egg before you apply it.

Coconut Oil

This product is PACKED with antioxidants. Cooking with it is a healthy alternative to regular old canola or vegetable oils. For hair loss, it’s a great idea to warm up 3-4 tablespoons and massage it in. Then bind your hair in a warm towel for about 30 minutes. Shampoo, rinse and repeat as necessary.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Doctors often recommend drinking apple cider vinegar for a long list of reasons. This magical elixir can help detoxify your body, aid in weight-loss and even balance the pH of your skin. Mix half a cup of it with a quarter cup of water and use it whilst rinsing.


Eating walnuts will help put the bounce back in your hair. That’s because they directly contribute to the amount of elastin in your hair. Eat in moderation, because they’re pretty calorific.


If you’re deficient in iron (which is highly likely after having your nutrients sapped during pregnancy) you’re more likely to experience hair loss. Foods rich in iron will help restore your hair. Spinach is rich in nutrients which will keep your hair follicles healthy. So, pull a pop-eye and crack open a can o’ spinach.

Green Tea

Green tea is another antioxidant rich substance which helps get rid of pollution particles in your hair. Steep some green tea and allow it to cool, then use it whilst rinsing your hair.


These rooty vegetables are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin A which produce natural scalp oils. And a healthy scalp leads to healthy, shiny hair.

These foods will serve to restore your luscious locks back to their former glory. Remember, don’t wear your hair in a tight pony tail all day long as this can damage your hair, and try not to wash it with harsh chemicals too often. Give your hair a chance to grow and flourish, then nourish it with these 10 foods.

Have any hair maintenance tips or hairy anecdotes to share? Air them out in the comment box below.


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