First Date Outfits: What To Wear On A First Date

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First dates can be exciting as well as nerve wrecking. You don’t want to look too desperate – and you don’t want to look closed off.

Cute First Date Outfit Ideas

It’s a fine line to walk, and not the easiest thing to pull off. After all, how you present yourself has a direct bearing on how your date perceives you and how well you two interact. So, no pressure or anything!

Don’t worry; here is a list of what to wear on a first date, to take some of that pressure off.

1. Cute Summer of Love Outfit

If you are planning to wear mini skirts or tiny shorts – yes, they are adorable, but they’re not really appropriate for a first date.

Sure, you wear them on a day-to-day basis and ‘it’s not a big deal’, but to your date it might be.

Recent polls have suggested that men are less likely to go on a second date with a woman if she dresses ‘skimpy’ on the first. If you do, you send out the wrong message, and while the guy will probably enjoy the view, he’s not going to take you seriously.

He’ll probably be thinking more along the lines of a fling. Sometimes, wearing teeny tiny clothes can come off desperate and make you seem like an attention-seeker and, by extension, high maintenance. That’s not the vibe you want to put out.

Summer of Love by Archimedes16

Source: Summer of Love

2. Sweet & Casual

This Sweet & Casual Outfit designed by kira002 makes a casual first date outfit that combines a tank top, a cardigan, straight leg jeans floral scarf and flats.

Sweet and Casual

Source: Sweet & Casual

3. Berrys and Cream

This cute outfit includes White Stuff Plage T-Shirt, Cashmere-silk Ribbed Cardigan and BKE Star Flare Stretch Jean. Accessories include large leather bag, crystal black hoop earrings, berry heels.

Berrys and Cream by lindsey-ellis

Source: Berrys and Cream

4. Orange White

On the opposite end of the spectrum, and equally as bad, is wearing too many layers. Do you really need a coat, a jacket and a jersey? Methinks not.

A polar neck is also out. Men like to see some skin on the first date, just not all of it. And while some things should definitely be left to the imagination, how your neck looks is not one of those things.

This is where you’ll come across as closed off and prudish. Also not conducive to luck in love. Ease up.

Bright Orange White

Source: Pinterest

5. Polka Dots Outfit

Make sure not to wear too much make up. There’s a general rule with men – ask the one in your life – the less make-up the better.

That’s what men seem to think, anyway. There are obviously some exceptions to the rule – like any man from the Jersey Shore – but for most men, plastered on make-up is a big no-no.

Go for mascara, eye-liner and some lip gloss, and you’re all set. Unless you’re going somewhere fancy. Which brings us to our next point.

Polka Dots First Date Outfit

Source: Pinterest

6. Cute Daisy Outfit

Dress appropriately for the date. If you’re going to a movie, you probably don’t need to wear a cocktail dress or a ball gown. Go casual for casual, and dressy for upscale events or a night out at a few clubs and pubs.

The point is, look comfortable and good without overdoing it. Otherwise, once again, you’ll come across as desperate and perhaps even a little out of touch.

Daisy as first date outfit

Source: Daisy

7. Navy Polkadot

Navy Polka Dot Outfit

Source: Navy Polkadot

8. Evoking You

How about glitter, you ask? No. No. No. NO. Glitter is for women trying to look beyond their age, or it is perfect for kid’s parties. I don’t care where you want to put it! Just don’t do it.

Not on your face, your nails, or your décolletage. Glitter is so last century. Guys will make strange assumptions about you if you turn up wearing this stuff sprinkled over you like you’re a Christmas trimming.

Evoking You First Date Outfit

Source: Evoking You

9. Nautical look

Nautical Look First Date Outfit

Source: Nautical Look

10. Red And Turquoise

Red and Turquoise Dress

Source: Red And Turquoise

Have any tips for what to wear or NOT to wear on your first date? Or perhaps a few sneaky stories about the worst first date you’ve ever had? Leave it all in the comment box below.

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