How To Take Care Of Frizzy Dry Hair

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Hair Care Tips: How to take care of dry frizzy hair

Do you have dry, frizzy, unruly and unmanageable hair that you find unable to smooth? There are many women like you who suffer with this hair problem and find it constantly annoying to deal with everyday.

To smooth out this problem, it is important to find the root cause of why this arises. For many women, frizzy and damaged hair becomes a problem when the hair has been overly treated with chemicals – permed, colored or bleached.

Overuse of styling products may lead to frizzy hair. You may also face this problem if you live in a humid climate. Humid dry climate can not only enhance the hair care issue but also lead to dry skin issues.

Hair care for frizzy dry hair can be a challenge. Somehow, if you follow some basic rules, they can be manageable. Here are a few tips that I follow, and I am seeing a little change in the natural texture of my hair. Check out these tips on how to take care of frizzy dry hair.

Stay Natural

If you have curly hair, do not try to straighten them. If you have straight hair, do not attempt on curling them. Go with the natural hair type, if you want the smoothness and shiny texture of your hair.

Deep conditioning

This treatment if followed once a week will help soothe and soften your hair. Choose creme conditioner over oil based conditioner, in order to reduce the frizziness. Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week.

Once a week formula

Shampooing your hair everyday may make them dry and unruly. Instead make it a point to wash them only once or twice a week. If you do need to wash them everyday, skip harsh shampoos and try to just rinse and apply conditioner. Use cool water to lock in moisture and smooth hair cuticles.

Avoid Blow Drying

Keep away from blow drying or at least keep the setting at light heat setting. For curly hair, try to use diffuser to help combat frizzy hair. Avoid using the blow dryer everyday.

Hair massage

Take a dollop of your favorite hair oil on the palm and massage your hair. Repeat for all of your scalp. This relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your hair, giving extra shine. You can wash your hair after head massage.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration causes hair to become brittle and dry. Eat nutrition rich and healthy food to keep the health of your hair at best. Your body and your hair deserve that special attention to keep them healthy and everlasting.

Do you have any tips to care for dry frizzy hair? Please share in the comment box below!

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